Important Drinking Water Purification Tips for Survival

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In the course of a disaster, when SHTF, the seriousness of having drinking water can not be overestimated. While we prepare for such scenarios, it’s also crucial to have a broad understanding of survival skills. Learn more about survival techniques. Although the normal individual may be deprived of food for up to 3 weeks or so, most individuals wont survive for more than 1 week without any water. 

Depending upon the climate you’re in, you might experience extreme dehydration in just 3 days if you’ve no water. It is horrible & you Do NOT really want to be in that scenario.

Any time there is some sort of natural disaster or emergency, the first item that’s very quickly bought up is water. During the recent Hurricane Irma, numerous outlets were entirely sold out of bottled water. To make things more serious, there were reports of price gouging where water was being sold at $99 a bottle.

So as to stay clear of all of these types of issues, you should be keeping drinking water in your house to prepare for these kinds of unexpected emergencies. That is the first step to never being a victim of circumstances.

Even so, despite having the very best planning, sometimes, you might possibly not have access to drinking water. Your saved drinking water may have been wiped out. The shops may be sold out & you are now stuck. So, what do you do?

Here in this short article, you will find out about water purification and ways in which you are able to find water & make it safe and clean. During the course of difficult times, you will find water from parks, water heaters, swimming pools, remaining water in garden hoses, lakes, golf courses, rooftops, etc. Where ever water collects is a great place for you to find water.

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Filtering The Water

Because you’ve uncovered the water, you can not just gulp it down otherwise if there are viruses and protozoa in the water you will find yourself really sick. What you will have to do is to filter and purify the water before you drink it. It is essential that you recognize the huge difference between the two. It’s vital to understand first aid measures for health issues that might arise from consuming contaminated water. Read about essential advanced first aid skills for survivalists.

Depending upon the turbidity of the water, you may or may not require to filter it. If the water is murky & unclear, then the water must be filtered before you drink it. You can filter the water with a coffee filter. You just need to work out a method to hold the coffee filter so that you can make the most of it properly. Once you have run the water through the initial step of filtering, you would have taken out the bigger items


Even if the water looks clear, it is not necessarily ready for you to drink. One of the best tactics to get rid of all harmful organisms & bacteria in the water is to boil the water. But, if you don’t have access to a gas stove or a fire, you will need to make use of other methods.

Water Purification

Water purification will get rid of the majority of the bacteria, pathogens and viruses in the water and make it safe for you to drink. One particular method of accomplishing this is utilizing chemical treatment.

You can simply purchase water purification tablets directly from web-sites like Amazon. There’s iodine tablets that will definitely do the job but it’s best to purchase the chlorine dioxide water purification tablets. The chlorine dioxide tablets will deal with the more resistant parasites such as Cryptosporidium which may cause you gastrointestinal problems.​

Additional solutions are the pump style water purifiers such as the Hiker Pro that is produced by Katadyn. These convenient devices allow you create clean drinking water while on the move. They are easy to carry making them extremely useful.

An additional brand of water purification bottle that you may want to check out is the Lifestraw Go Water Filter Bottle that makes it possible for you to drink clean water anywhere in the world. This excellent product does not require you to pre-filter the water or to use any purifying tablets. Just fill the Lifestraw water bottle with the water you have found & then when you drink through the straw, the water is going to be purified & filtered.

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In Conclusion

Although storing drinking water for unexpected emergencies needs to be your focus, it would definitely help if you purchased a couple of handheld water purifiers for you & your family. In the event, you need to vacate your home & the only water you can get is from rivers, lakes or various other sites that you are unsure if they are safe to drink from. These water purification devices will relieve your fears & make sure that you & your family keep hydrated.

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