7 Prepper Food Storage Tips For Survivalists

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Amongst the first thoughts that crosses the majority of people’s minds in times of emergency is eating. They wonder whether they’ve plenty of food at home to last through the emergency & for the most part they don’t, simply because preparing for disasters is not the norm. Therefore, they’ve to start hurrying to the food market to get hold of what ever food that they think that they’ll really need.Three issues can easily happen with this.

  1. You might not have access to the mall. Highways might be shut or inaccessible because of severe weather etc.
  2. An additional much more usual challenge is that the mall also might possibly be closed as the majority of the members of staff are also huddled at home.
  3. Next needless to say, if the shopping mall is open, then you could find that the counters are bare & the majority of the items you need to get have run out.

Every one of the three events are frequent & ought to illustrate the importance of storing your own supply of food items simply so that you your loved ones have the ability to weather pretty much any disaster for a handful of days at least. Within this post, you are going to be given Seven useful tips for food stocking for the majority of disasters that you might run into. Just as long as you follow them, you really should be okay.

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Try To Have at Least 1 Months Supply Of Food!

Ideally, you really want to stockpile more than enough foodstuff that’ll last you for 1 month. Even though doing this might just appear to be extreme, but it’s a really good strategy to try for. You can possibly continue through the majority of crises & emergency situations with one month of food reserves. Only the worst emergencies will need additional food and if that is the case, by then there’ll be some kind of food aid provided by the authorities.


When stockpiling the food, you really should think about the necessities of all your family and make certain you’ve a sufficient amount of provisions to cover the whole family. If you have family pets, then you will need to store food for them also.

Always Rotate Your Food Stocks

Anytime you are putting your food away, always put the latest stock at the back and move the older items at the front. If there’s a crisis, make certain that you use up the older food items before all else. Restock the food as soon as possible. It is a pretty good tip to have a note book to keep an eye on when you purchased the food & the expiration dates. This’ll will make it a lot easier to track your stock. By doing this, not only will you minimize wastage but also your food supplies will not have perished without your knowledge.

Store Your Supplies Appropriately

Your food stores really should be properly closed and not exposed to rodents and heat. Make sure that your stores are stored in a dry and cool area.

Stockpile The Type Of Foods That You And Your Family Prefer

Ideally, the food items that you store should really be what your you and your family like eating & they are also nourishing. It’s a good plan to additionally store a number of comfort snacks such as canned fruit, chocolate, etc. At the time of emergency situations, these foods will boost your spirits & provide you all with an emotional “respite” from the anxiety and stress of the situation.

Learn What Foods You Can Stock

Some food items such as milk, bread & eggs do not have a very long shelf life so stocking them will be a hassle. You ought to concentrate on freeze dried food items, ready to eat meals, flour, uncooked rice, canned food, & additional types of foods that offer a longer shelf life & consist of the source of nourishment you and your family require.You may look at stocking food items which maybe chilled or frozen but there is the potential that your property might have an electrical power outage at the time of a disaster and then you will have to quickly use up the food items in the freezer or refrigerator well before they start decaying.

Throwaway Plates & Cutlery

During the course of an emergency situation, you will need to use less water. A simple way to do this is to use disposable paper plates and plastic cutlery preferably. Do not forget to have some waste bags stocked as well.

Seasonings And Additional Condiments

Do not to forget to stock ingredients & sauces which are made use of to add flavor to your meals. On the occasion that you want to cook, having spices, sauces and salt can easily help make a whole world of contrast in how your dish tastes. There is no need to endure flavorless meals in the course of a disaster.

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In Conclusion

The seven tips in this article are only a few ideas, but they’re a good starting place if followed. Simply the idea that you’re preparing yourself for any sort of potential emergency makes you that a whole lot more equipped to deal with whatever comes your way. Find out as much as you can about prepping and then implement what you have learnt.

It’s not just about having enough food, but also being prepared for other aspects of survival, such as medical emergencies. Learn more about essential advanced first aid skills for survivalists to complement your food storage plans.

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