Best Survival Kit For Hiking 

 April 26, 2020

By  keithb

You will never be able to predict the situation that you and your family could end up in, but it is better to be somewhat prepared as to be not prepared at all.

There are many different emergency situations that you could find yourself in and there are survival kits to fit each of the situations, from Earthquake Survival Kits, 72-Hour Emergency Survival Kit, Family Survival Kit to name a  few.  

In this post I am  going to  be looking at what I think is the best survival kit for hiking, for instance if you find yourself stuck in the mountains because someone has twisted their ankle while hiking. So in addition to a first aid kit you should also be carrying a survival  kit. 

emdmak est survival kit for hiking

The EMDMAK Survival Kit is absolutely my most cherished hiking survival kit due to being light and compact. It only weighs 6.8oz and measures 5''X 3.5''X1.6''.  It is a perfect addition to anyones hiking gear.

This is a high quality emergency survival  kit. The case is zip fastened shockproof and waterproof and has everything you might need from a compass and emergency whistle to a wire saw and fire starter. All  of the components are well  made from stainless steel or durable plastic.

Inside the case you get

  • Stainless Steel Versatile Tool Card - This a multi tool comprising of a can opener, knife edge, screwdriver, ruler, cap opener, 4 position wrench, butterfly wrench, saw blade, direction ancillary indication, 2 position wrench, and a key ring holder.
  • Multifunction Flashlight Pliers - with a LED flashlight (battery included), needle nose pliers, wire cutters, knife, saw, cross and slot screwdrivers, bottle opener.
  • Fire Starter - A necessity in every survival kit. Simple to use just draw the strike rod down the block which will create sparks to light your kindling. It will make a fire whether it is wet, cold, raining or snowing.
  • Compass -  Compact, flexible and easy to use
  • Wire Saw -  Sharp and smooth blade to cut through small  things quickly and not hurt your hand.
  • Emergency Whistle - Loud whistle with a keyring on one end
  • Emergency Blanket - Which can give you emergency protection in all weathers.


It is a must have for any outdoor enthusiast whether you go hunting,  hiking, climbing, camping or biking. You never know when you just might end up in an emergency situation and need it so having it will give you that piece of  mind knowing you are prepared.

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