Ape Survival Strike Pen Review 

 April 12, 2020

By  keithb

​​What Is A Tactical Pen (Or Self-Defense Pen)?

The tactical pen is simply a pen that ​you can use not only as a pen but also as a survival tool and can be used for close quarter self-defense purposes as well.

In addition to being a pen, you also get a spare ink, a multi function tools including a LED flashlight, knife, flat head driver, hex wrench, blade, and a bottle opener

Self defense wise this tactical pen looks harmless enough but used correctly it can be very lethal. It is fundamentally based on the Kubotan which was invented in the 1970′s by Grand Master Takayuki Kubota a renowned Martial Artist, and is ideal as a close quarter self defense weapon.

The original manufacturer of the Ape Survival Strike Pen is Ape Survival, who at the moment are giving their strike pen to everybody for FREE. 

​Main Features Of The Strike Pen

ApeSurvival Strike Pen Free Offer
  • ​​Milled Alloy Design - Constructed from milled alloy means the tactical pen is extremely light and gives it its strength and makes it extremely durable.
  • Bright LED Flashlight – ​Currently Ape Survival ​are the only manufacturer who have incorporated and LED Flashlight  into the design of their Strike Pen, which is a neat idea because in an emergency situation you never know when you are going to need some light.
  • Interchangeable Knife and Multi-tool - The Strikepen Black also comes with a small, but extremely sharp and sturdy knife and a small but sturdy multi-tool which can be screwed into the pen. The interchangeable multi-tool consists of a flat head driver, a HEX wrench, a bottle opener and a blade.  
  • As A Writing Tool - As this is predominately a pen then we should look at how good it writes. As the ApeSurvival Strikepen Black is light it feels and handles just like a normal pen. On the down side the ink used is just a standard ink and not a special ink as in other tactical survival pen models.
  • Glass Breaker Pen Tip/Strike Pen Tip - The Apesurvival Strikepen Black has a tungsten steel strike tip which can be used to strike, objects, an opponent and will break glass. 
  • Excellent grip - This product has Scientifically Tested Grip Pattern engraved across it to give you the best grip, makes it perfect even if you have sweaty hands.
  • Useful Training ​Tips – Ape Survival gives you training guides ​so that you have some  idea to  practice with your Strikepen. You should practice with your Strikepen to ensure you are always ready.
  • Strike Pen Black Price – As mentioned earlier at the moment you can get yourself an Ape Survival strike Pen Black by simply paying the shipping and handling costs, and not the usual price of $54.95 plus shipping and handling. Ape Survival will then despatch your pen to you and in a few days you will be a proud owner of a new tactical strike pen.  We are not sure how long this promotion is going to last so don't delay in placing your order.
Ape Survival Strike Pen Black Components


  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Useful Multi tools
  • ​LED Flashlight is nice and bright
  • ​FREE


  • ​Pocket clip - Although it is a decent pocket clip, since it has been “bolted on” instead of “integrated” to the body, it could snap off.
    You can only buy the


​This pen is light, created to last and a discreet self-defense tool and Multi Tool all rolled into one.

The self defence guides are useful but you do need to practise so that in a real life situation you would be able to make them work.

I would definitely recommend it as a product that everyone should have and as you can currently get it just by paying for shipping then its a no brainer. Make sure you are prepared and order your Strike Pen Black today, you will be glad you did.

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