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Traveling When SHTF

Traveling When SHTF

Over this last weekend, I drove to Missouri from where we live in Kansas.  My brother lives there and I took my mom to spend some time with him over the weekend.  Maybe it is due to my own prepping now and the fact I am paying closer attention to things, I found myself thinking about what I would do if all of a sudden, SHTF.

Getting to our location in Missouri was accomplished by taking I-70 across the eastern part of Kansas and to a location north of our final location in Missouri.  That was easy.  However, knowing full well when SHTF any and all interstate highways will become parking lots fairly quickly, I contemplated the fact, if something happened, we would not be traveling back home the same way we came.

While I usually use my GPS when we travel, I also carry a good atlas in our vehicle.  When STHF, we have no idea how long our GPS will provide us with any help whatsoever.  And it is a must we carry a backup navigation tool with us at all times.

I also took sometime once we arrived in Missouri to take a look at alternative routes back home. Completely bypassing any and all major highways.  Of course staying far away from interstate highways.  The one problem I found and which could not be avoided was the fact getting home would require us to cross over at least two if not three of those interstate highways.  Something which would need to be done with caution for sure.  Paying attention to what is happening around you and on the national news is critical right now.  I find myself checking headlines throughout the day.  And I can tell you I would have be moving out and heading back home the moment I sense anything happening which might make such travel back home difficult if not impossible.

What you need to do if you are traveling this year.

  1. Never let your gas tank get below a quarter of a tank.
  2. Have a good GPS in your vehicle but have a good backup atlas or set of maps too.
  3. Always, and I mean never leave home without your EDC (everyday carry bag).
  4. Not only should you have your EDC with you, for any trip of any length, you must have your BOB (bug out bag).  You need to have what you you need with you at all times while you are traveling which will help you survive for a minimum of three days.  One for you and all adults in the car.  A mistake I made was not having one for my mom.
  5. Carry some cash.  If the grid goes down all of a sudden, your ATM card will be useless.  Remember we are prepping for all possibilities.  If you can’t use your ATM card, you just might be up a creek without a paddle.  And I know what you are saying too. If the grid goes down, will it really matter if I have cash.  Well, wouldn’t you rather be prepared and have some than not?
  6. In addition to your EDC and BOB, you should have a good vehicle emergency kit.
  7. Double check your spare tire and make sure it is in good order.  Nothing would be worse than to have a flat or blow a tire and realize when it is too late your spare is either flat or not usable.  The next time you have your car serviced, make sure they check the spare for you too.  Or take out your trusty tire gauge and check it yourself.  You do have a tire gauge in your car don’t you Prepper?
  8. If you are on a trip which might require you to fuel up to get home, perhaps you should be carrying some spare fuel too.  There are some awesome containers out there now which can help you do this.
  9. If you have your conceal carry permit, by all means carry your favorite handgun with you at all times (I never leave home without mine).  I would even go so far as to have either my trusty model 870 12 ga or my AR15 in my vehicle too.  Of course, make sure you are well within the law if you are traveling to other states.  A mistake in the local laws is no defense.
  10. Finally, make sure your vehicle is in the best working order it can be in.

The above list is certainly not exhaustive.  And I know there are other things we should all consider.  I will update this list as need be and as you all suggest things.  I will also be posting on the items I feel should be in your EDC, BOB and your vehicle emergency kit.

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